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Light Painting


Con Buddies

we be cons...

Love Obsidian

Love can turn you black...

New Phone

...it's pink... 


...i like that word....

Tainted Man

 Tainted Man (song written for school)

See the anger through the face,
watch the smile out of place.
Hear the heartbeat swell with angst,
and hide itself with shuddered pangs.
Feel the chill within my fingers,
brush away the cold that lingers.
I see through all of your fear,
No more lies the truth is here.

And now that you know how I am,
will you ever stay?
Now that you know how I live,
will you walk away?

I rush away with cool delight,
and watch the blood run through the night.
No more words are uttered here,
there are no sounds the mind is clear.
Could you ever understand,
the motives of a tainted man?
I see you tremble in my midst,
and wonder if you'd spare a kiss?

And now that you can see the truth,
can you bear to look?
Now you've peeled off my mask,
you've fallen for my hook.

See the sadness in my brow,
accomplished deed I know not how.
I've ripped away the only one,
who refused to run.

Real Beauty

 Real Beauty (song written for school)

Dressed of red,
toe to head.
Rush of light,
wrong and right.
What she wants,
not in sight.
Faulty face,
ersatz waist.
Brittle air,

shoulders bare.
Rings of gold,

others stare.

Who may love you,
for yourself?
They will kiss you,
for your wealth.
Real beauty,
lives inside.
None will suit you,
if you lie.

Unknown fame,
thoughts in vain.

Starry eyes,
coated lies.
We see through,
your disguise.
Icy heart,

torn apart.
Tears she shed,
words we said.
No one knows,
where she fled.

No one listens,
to a doll.
They won't catch you,

if you fall.
Real beauty,
weeps and cries.
No one sees it,
deep inside.

False desire,
getting tired.
Breaking free,
from the lead.
Untold wish,
bottled glee.
Broken soul,

mind so old.
Pressure builds,
angel fills.
Sorrow bends,
task fulfilled.

Who would see you,
for your own?
They don't care for,
what you know.
Real beauty,
lives and dies.
We all forget it,
over time.

Absent Minded

...I'm never really there...

Horse Head

 looks like one, huh?


...guys have not been kind to me...