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Art Show


I Wish


And not those fucking pussies from Twilight!

Blind Faith

....keep it.... 

My Bed

My work space... where all that I care about is created... my bed... my desk. 

It is in these places that I...

write books, stories, songs, poetry etc.
paste things to the walls
make duct tape dresses
draw on my shoes
weave paper chains
do bead work and jewelr
edit photos
collage my life
design my imagination
watch movies
put on makeup
get dressed
 talk on the phone

paint my nails
do my hair
work on the computer
fantasize about vampires
talk to faeries
distress my jeans
put runs in my tights
glue stickers on my tap shoes
do homework
spend time with friends and family
fill shoe boxes with cards
tell my secrets

get bit by vamps
attempt to contact the dead
light paint
hold my besties hostage
post blog entries
act like a tard
surf the net
listen to music

but most of all...

these are the places where I can be myself.


...I'm half Jill...

"...if it meant I'd get the Jack part out..."

...and half Jack...

Half Jack by The Dresden Dolls


For me...

for my sanity

This Is Halloween

Welcome to the Carnival of FREAKS...

The Caution Tape Princess Has Arrived!
This is what happens when your parents are artists. Dad did my makeup, Mom did my hair. xD
Dad did Mom's makeup and she made his head thingy.
And the Heathen couple...
it looks like he's abducting me!
People did not want to give us candy.. xD

Night Maidens

And a Supernatural Case of Narcolepsy

Dream: a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep.

                        -Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

   Dream is a word that possesses copious meaning. It seems to exist in a universe of complexity and confusion. Even when looked at in the most elementary way it appears to obtain no simplicity. 
   When confronted with the word 'dream', most people tend to relate it with the state of illusion the mind undertakes while in slumber. And even when looked at with this appealing uncomplicated definition, our mind can still jump around on various opposing contexts.  
   Some say, that dreams are like bridges. They pass between our mind and spirit as we suspend our consciousness.

   Others believe that the soul actually leaves the body when one dreams. It can travel across the world and back in a single night. 

   Some people think that our dreams can predict the future, or show us the past. That signs come to us while we dream, warnings, or even just simple announcements. 

   Sometimes people arrive in our dreams. People that we love. Or that we miss. Even people we've never met. 

   In our dreams, we can do anything. We can fly and breathe under water. Defy the laws of physics and the laws of gravity. The laws of love. In our dreams, we are invincible... at least most of us are.

   As for another definition of the word dream, some like to correlate it as having an idea or wish.
On my seventh birthday, right before I blew out the candles on my cake, my Mother told me to always follow my dreams. She told me that no matter what, dreams would never let me down. She said they'd help me fly and defy the laws of physics, as long as I followed them. 
    I didn't understand what my dreams were at that age and I still don't fully understand them today. I didn't really know what I wanted. But I took her words to heart that day. She said she'd always love me, it didn't matter what dreams I had, I'd always be her baby. 

   Of course I never got to tell her about the dreams I had. 

   Dreams aren't always what they're cracked up to be. Not all sunshine and flying through an endless sky of blue. Sometimes, they hurt. Sometimes, they cut. Those are the dreams I have. They can hurt, they can cut. I still followed them though, with my whole heart and soul. I expected the task to be difficult, the truth is it's not that hard. Just trust them, where they lead, you should follow. I mastered it at a very young age. I had it down, knew exactly what I was doing. 
    But of course... life can be surprising. And even though following my dreams wasn't so tough, I wasn't prepared when they started to follow me..


Rest In Peace... I'll miss you...

Super Gator

the power of Angel COMPELS her